Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Linked In

Although I do have Face Book entry, that was more out of curiosity than anything else and I think I hold the world record for the least number of Friends on it :-). What I'm finding more useful, and more importantly being taken seriously by fellow professsionals, is Linked In. Check it out. The only issue I have is, what do you do when you get a Linked In request from someone you'd rather not be linked to, for a range of reasons? Any thoughts on the etiquette here?


Daniel said...

Your first comment, Stumpie! Now I know that you'll always remember me.

I approached Linked In with trepidation after years of declining all invites to dive in. I was concerned that all kinds of untoward social and professional entanglements would result. But they haven't. I accept all invitations from people I have a credible professional or personal connection with. I ignore invites from people whom I don't recognize or with whom my relationship has been completely pro forma (at least from my pov). This made me anxious at first--I think of myself as a polite person who doesn't ignore social overtures--but I was assured that it was fine in context, and it hasn't caused any firebombs or flames. I think the understanding is that everyone decides for themselves whom they want to be linked to, and there's no appealing the decision. C'est la vie linkée.

For no extra cost, Doug, a word about blogging: To my mind, there are two coherent approaches to blogging. (1) One is determined to build a personal audience for whatever reason. In this case there are a variety of (viral) marketing tools and one is well-advised to utilize them, or end up as Lord Berkeley's tree; (2) One says, "This is my personal archive. I'll let my friends know about it, but I really don't care if anyone ever comments. I'm essentially keeping a journal in a public place, but I'm not *counting* on public response for my own personal satisfaction."



Charlie Robinson said...

re acceptance ettiquette: would you nod and say hello to the person in the street? if you can answer yes (and not run away), then accept. there is no harm. xc

william said...

re Linkedin: I suppose I also fall into the category of someone who generally feels it's un-polite to turn down a Linkedin invitation, although I have noticed that Linkedin activity generally correlates closely with people's employment situation!

However, of late I've started to receive requests to connect with THE SAME people also actively using a different network called Plaxo which I subscribed to a few years ago but never actively used. So now I have requests from two professional networking tools hitting my inbox. Do the same rules regarding acceptance etiquette still apply? Is this definately a case of two being one too many?

The Blog Stump said...

Hi William
Ditto with Plaxo, which seemed all the rage a couple of years ago then died and suddenly seems to have revived but there are now others appearing as well, making for three, four etc being too many. When you start to add in organisational, network and other personal social web developments, are we going to end up with having to join (and maintain them) all to be truly networked to the max? And now we have Google getting into the act.

At least there are some tools and standards emerging now allowing for seamless multiple postings )as per Google link above).